At your first visit...

You will be asked to complete intake forms that allow us to take a confidential full medical case history, including questions about your lifestyle (work habits, exercise, diet, etc.), accidents, illness, and family medical history.

With your consent, an appropriate physical examination will be performed. This examination consists of standard orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic tests and where necessary, blood pressure reading and examination of the abdomen or heart & lungs.

p. Based on the examination findings the chiropractor will decide whether any additional investigations are necessary before treatment can begin. These may include X-rays or other forms of specialist diagnostic imaging such as MRI scans. In some cases it may be necessary to contact your GP, which your Chiropractor will do with your permission.

Report of Findings and First Adjustment:

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan have been established, you will be given a report of findings that will explain what is wrong with you in clear, plain, understandable language. You will be advised as to how many treatments you will need and what the costs are likely to be. We tailor our treatment and recommendations to suit the needs of your condition, your body, your lifestyle and your health goals. Treatment will commence on your second visit after you have been given a thorough report of findings.

If chiropractic treatment is not suitable for your condition, we will advise on the best alternative course of action.